April 22, 2008

Zero Carbon Dioxide City in Jordan and bigger than MASDAR

It was announced today, April 22nd, 2008 and during the Think Green Conference in Amman at Zara Expo by H.S. Sahl Majjaly, minister of public works and Housing that there is an initiative to build in Jordan a Zero Carbon dioxide city, bigger than Masdar City in abu Dhabi .

No further details were announced, but, that's a surprise that came out of the bloom. looking forward to hear more details since no other details were announced.

Also, announcing two new building codes involving environmentally green projects. One of them is the Building Insulation Code, which will be announced in two weeks.

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nasimjo said...

hmm .. sounds promising ...

not to forget the announcement made last week about having 0% taxes and VAT on energy reduction products

Anonymous said...
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Ali Dahmash said...

Sounds good but what about the pollution in Amman and other cities?