June 24, 2008

How to live in Amman?

How to live in Amman? Is life expensive?

I received this post from Gonçalo Silva whose planning to live in Amman and failed to get any information of

HOW to Live in Amman?

"Hello guys,
I am thinking of going to amman to live but so far I failed to obtain some information of how it is to live in Amman, Hows the city, and specially whats the day life like.

I also wonder how expensive is life and how much money you need to live?stuff like day life expenses!like milk, bread, meat, renting a house, etc....
I hope you can help me..


GS "

My recommendation:

1) Live close to work. I recommend Jabal Amman or Weibdeh for a foreigner.
2) For transportation you better own your own car, we don't have Trains, Subways, or proper bus system inside the city. Be careful of Taxi drivers. Note: They are building a new transportation system for Amman.
3) You will love to eat Meat, chicken but it's cheaper to eat Falafel, Humus, and Shawerma.
4) Cheaper to make your own food.
5) Don't smile to people, well don't take it personal if you see too many angry people, or depressed faces.
6) U need to bargen alot.
7) For a weekend vacation outside Amman check Dead Sea, Aqaba, Petra.
8) Unique cultural activities can be found from different organizations, I recommend Joining Jordan Facebook netwrok and joining different groups.
9) It's a safe and clean city.
10) etc. etc.

Enjoy your stay


June 18, 2008

Car accidents in Jordan

I have to write this before I head to the hospital. I just got a phone call from my Mother that my aunte had a car accident and was seriously injured.

As we said before, and according to the car accidents and injuries statistics in Jordan, don't you ever think that YOU or someone in Your family is safe in the street, not in Jordan streets.

It's hilarious that we are proud of building towers and creating a master plan for high rise buildings while we don't have a safe street or a pedestrian to walk in.

Comparing terrorism, last year more than 900 citizen died from car accidents in Jordan, compared to palestinians killed by the Israelies, our streets is even more dangerous.

Unfortunatly, we are paying a serious price. For how long!

Through the Road Safety Center of Excellence (RSCOE) we need to work hard before it's too late. This only can happen if we all took this tragedy as a national cause for protecting the citizens.

Not only we need to let the government do it's part, we shall be a major role in collaborating the efforts to make Amman and Jordan a " Livable country with safe roads"

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June 9, 2008

In Jordan Size Does Matters

model of the 220-metre high-rise, which is slated for completion at the end of 2011 (Photo by Hani Hazaimeh)

AMMAN - (JT)The UAE-based Tameer Holding Company on Sunday unveiled plans to construct a 220-metre high-rise in Abdali, set to be the highest building in the Kingdom.

The $300 million project will be built as part of the Abdali Urban Regeneration Project, Tameer Director General Mohammad Habib told reporters at a press conference yesterday.

"The project comes as part of our strategy to expand operations in Jordan in light of the country’s progressive growth in the construction sector," he said, adding that the tower will be designated for commercial use.

"We expect to lay the cornerstone in October and complete construction in three years," he noted.

The tower will include conference rooms, as well as fully equipped health spas, fitness centres and swimming pools.

It will also incorporate more than 30-high-speed elevators as well as a 1,000-car parking lot.

The average area of each floor will be 1,200 square metres and the tower will be surrounded by two eight-storey buildings, also allocated for commercial use.

The tower will be environment-friendly by rationalising water and electricity use, in addition to utilising wind and solar energy for heating and electricity purposes, Habib said.

He added that all projects in Abdali will be served by a central cooling and heating system, which will reduce energy consumption by 40 per cent.

Habib noted that the company studied the area’s infrastructure before deciding to build the tower.

"We have no fears or worries regarding infrastructure or traffic," Habib said, noting that several new bridges will be constructed in the area to ease congestion.

Tameer is also partnering with the Housing and Urban Development Corporation in the construction of Al Majd City in Zarqa, which will include more than 20,000 apartments, villas and town houses, in addition to 2,500 commercial units for shops, offices and a shopping centre.

Habib said the first phase of Al Majd City, which includes some 500 residential units for limited-income families, is completed and will be up for sale by the end of this year.

In related news, Tameer is taking part in an architectural conference which opens today.

The event, held under the patronage of Prime Minister Nader Dahabi, will highlight challenges facing the construction of high-rise buildings in the Kingdom.

More than 650 participants from 10 regional and foreign countries will discuss 30 working papers on the environmental and the social impact of high-rise buildings.

June 3, 2008

Road Safety Center of Excellence

Signing of the agreement for Launching The Road Safety Center of Excellence between the Municipality of Greater Amman (MGA), German Jordanian University (GJU) and Hikmat Road Safety (HRS).

Proceeding from the role of the Municipality of Amman in road safety and to complement the preceding initiative, the agreement for launching the road safety center of excellence has been signed by the municipality of greater Amman represented by Engineer Omar almaani secretary of Amman and with the German Jordanian University (GJU) represented by Prof. Dr. Labib Al-khadra also with Hikmat Road Safety (HRS) represented by Mr. Maher Qadoura, during a press conference held on the 3rd of the current month of June at the headquarters of the Municipality of greater Amman

The center aims to rehabilitate & qualify specialized staff in the road safety, study & understanding the vital issues in addition to set appropriate solutions for the road problems and to develop them through circulating of standards & best practices, which in turn affect positively on the practical & applied aspects

The center will provide a various activities which will be the creation of professional diploma program in road safety, to qualify specialists in road safety to begin in 2009-2010 as well as holding a short duration training courses ranging between 2-4 weeks to be started in the summer of 2008. The center will also hold other specialized workshops and researched in road safety.

The tuition fees will be determined in a manner commensurate with the courses and teaching program, where students or the deputed party will bear the entire tuition fees required.
The center already started operating to produce in 2008 a Road safety audit guide, a pedestrian road safety guideline, and a work zone safety guide. I was appointed as the general manager of the center by HRS and GJU. Hikmat Road Safety will fund and manage the center.
In June we will have the first Road Safety Audit workshop at the GJU. More details about the course will be published soon.
Road Safety Center of Excellence logo