January 23, 2009

Democracy in the arab world

Political Thoughts:

The only two countries in the Arab world with democratic presidential elections are Palestine and Lebanon. Both have political problems, attacked by Israel, and the world is against them. Isn't that Ironic? Maybe we are not ready for democracy, or maybe the west don't want a real democracy!

January 3, 2009

YOU can Help GAZA

You can support Gaza and donate NOW:

- Greater Amman Municipality in coopration with Jordan River Foundation is collecting flour, rice, sugar, oil, powder milk, infant formula and tea. Those wishing to offer any assistance can call telephone ++962-6-4619968, fax ++962-6-4746822, email: communication@ammancity.gov.jo.

- Through UNRWA can deposit in Arab Bank, SWIFT Code: ARABPS22600 or HSBC: BBMEJOAX.

- Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization, Tel,: +962 6 46181. OR deposit at: Jordan Islamic Bank, account number 12920 and the Union Bank, account number 245666.

- Jordan River Foundation, Tel.: +962 6 593 3211. Or deposit at: Kuwait Bank’s main branch, account number 0252318087.

If you know other channels for distribution you can post it here too?