May 26, 2008

Amman Disabilities Guidebook

A new disability guidebook will be issued listing "democratic" friendly places with disability access.

I hope one day Amman city will be listed also. It's not a joke, but we need a national move toward imposing accessibility act toward new and existing projects in Amman. For the city to be democratic, every citizen need to enjoy living it, living, working, and shopping.

AMMAN (Petra) –– Hmoud Elimat, secretary general of the Higher Council for the Affairs of People with Disabilities, on Sunday said the council launched field surveys on centres and societies which provide services to the disabled and will issue a guidebook listing centres that meet the needs of people with disabilities.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Such a great post, just wanted to comment that I never understand what its meant by " some bus lines with disability access " ,I mean, disabled people live everywhere! so it shouldn't be just some lines that provide for example slopes for wheelchairs or a space inside the bus, I think ALL lines should be accessible by EVERYONE, with a special percentage (5-10%) of the seats for disabled people.

This is not a creative idea or anything, its just copy-paste of the european example.

Great blog by the way ! Keep up the good work :)