June 24, 2008

How to live in Amman?

How to live in Amman? Is life expensive?

I received this post from Gonçalo Silva whose planning to live in Amman and failed to get any information of

HOW to Live in Amman?

"Hello guys,
I am thinking of going to amman to live but so far I failed to obtain some information of how it is to live in Amman, Hows the city, and specially whats the day life like.

I also wonder how expensive is life and how much money you need to live?stuff like day life expenses!like milk, bread, meat, renting a house, etc....
I hope you can help me..


GS "

My recommendation:

1) Live close to work. I recommend Jabal Amman or Weibdeh for a foreigner.
2) For transportation you better own your own car, we don't have Trains, Subways, or proper bus system inside the city. Be careful of Taxi drivers. Note: They are building a new transportation system for Amman.
3) You will love to eat Meat, chicken but it's cheaper to eat Falafel, Humus, and Shawerma.
4) Cheaper to make your own food.
5) Don't smile to people, well don't take it personal if you see too many angry people, or depressed faces.
6) U need to bargen alot.
7) For a weekend vacation outside Amman check Dead Sea, Aqaba, Petra.
8) Unique cultural activities can be found from different organizations, I recommend Joining Jordan Facebook netwrok and joining different groups.
9) It's a safe and clean city.
10) etc. etc.

Enjoy your stay


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