January 23, 2009

Democracy in the arab world

Political Thoughts:

The only two countries in the Arab world with democratic presidential elections are Palestine and Lebanon. Both have political problems, attacked by Israel, and the world is against them. Isn't that Ironic? Maybe we are not ready for democracy, or maybe the west don't want a real democracy!


Madi said...

Hello Emad,
Reading "Who Speaks for Islam? What a Billion Muslims Really Think" helps to build an answer for that question.

Anonymous said...

You are generalizing when you say 'the West'.

The US government is enjoying and benefiting from your corruption, they want the current leaders you have because they are getting political support, cheap oil and good weapon buyers.

At the same time the US does not want the middle east to be democratized if the new leaders are going to be religious extremists.

On the other hand, Europeans and humanitarians around the world want an end for dictatorship, the US government claims that it supports democracy to get their acceptance and support.

What the people should do is try to adapt to a democratic leadership but at the same time they should avoid electing religious groups that just want to spill blood to gain the paradise in the claimed to be after life.

Electing religious leaders that want to cause terror and more wars in the region will only give the US regime and Israel to attack and fulfill their goals in the region in the name of freedom, justice and security.