April 16, 2009

The Road Safety Center OF Excellence Won Al-Hasan Bin Talal Award for Scientific Excellence

April 12th, 2008 Amman/Jordan

The Road Safety Center for Excellence of the German Jordanian University recently won Al Hassan Bin Talal Award for Scientific Excellence for the year 2009, for its achievements in the Road Safety Auditing and for projects implemented in this field.

Holding workshops and starting a diploma program in road safety were the best projects that drove RSCOE to the award. In addition to other projects that were creatively provided by the center; such as case studies of some relevant streets and intersections in Amman prepared by local experts and students. At a later stage, and in cooperation with traffic engineers from the Greater Amman Municipality, these study-cases were formulated and several sites in Jordan were visited by the center's teams. Consequently, the " Road Safety Auditing level 1 " workshop has been launched by the center as a second step following the documentation of each case into reports. This workshop took place at the facilities of GJU and on the streets of Amman Recently; the center prepared three workshops covering three regions in Jordan: the north, middle, and south in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs.

Mr. Emad Salameh, the Director of RSCOE, stated: "our center has a clear vision to become a center of excellence by combining education, scientific research and advanced knowledge in a national strategy for road safety, and that was our path to this precious award, which we are all proud of ".

RSCOE is a pioneering center and first of it’s kind in the region, founded by Hikmat Road Safety in cooperation with German Jordan University, Greater Amman Municipality, and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

The center’s main objective is to qualify experts in Road Safety targeting governmental and non governmental professionals covering all of Jordan. The center began establishing a database by developing standards and guidelines for road safety auditing adopted from other countries and adjusted to suit Jordan's regulations.

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