January 14, 2010

Street Maps of Jordan is provided by an Israeli based company!!!

After a long wait and lots of debates we finally entered the civilized Geo world. Thank's to Navteq and of course google maps for providing the service to the Jordanians. Now we can play with maps and build different solutions around it, and of course driving directions.

The delays for not publishing the maps came from some laid back officials whom I am sure they don't think outside their "square meter" were they take the Maps issue as a strategic, or political decision. Well... I was laughing on that but this finding I am talking about is even more funny.

Street Maps of Jordan
( look at the information in the map at the bottom) provided by google maps, were you can navigate for our streets and buildings, is been provided by an Israeli based company called MAPPA GISrael. The leading geographic database and GIS company in Israel.

I am not sure how this happen. How can our geodata been provided by an Israeli company.

The satellite maps can be easily provided by Digital globe or others, but data collection and Geo codding is being built and published by Navteq, while google provide the platform in a very simple to use way. I know they might subcontract a local company to collect the data but how did an Israeli based company collected the information about our streets and buildings?


Anonymous said...

You will be amazed by how many leader companies are owned by jewish people! Why are you even surprised? You are writing your blog on "blogspot" Who owns blog spot? Google! Who are the founders of google? One was born in Russia for jewish parents, the other one was born in Lansing, MI also from jewish parents.

Navteq founder Barry Karlin is from south africa and most immigrants from south africa to the US are jewish.

Most of these big companies like Google, Intel (founder is jewish), Microsoft (CEO is jewish), and many more have headquarters in Israel.

There is no doubt that these companies have branches in Jordan and other Middle Eastern countries like UAE.

Satellite photos were taken by Israeli orbiters because the arabic ones are busy broadcasting Star Academy and Turkish series. In fact, the number of researchers in Israel is the highest per capita in the world. No wonder they are supplying arabs with the high tech while arabs are busy watching none sense on TV and killing each other on tribal and Jahiliyyah issues

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonimous,
you are quite right! I am a foreigner but I live in Jordan. I found many wonderful things here and satisfied with my life here. But unfortunately I found that most people are proud of their 'poor stupid Arab' image they show to the world. That's why they are not interested to develop technology, moreover - I consider it the main reason why Palestinians and the Arab World are not going to solve the Israel problem, though they are stronger! It seems they just like saying ' arab - masakeen'!

Bander Alsharfi said...

At least we can say they're accurate maps! =) Honstly, what did you expect?!!

honeyclarck said...
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