September 1, 2007

Amman City Parade

(NYC thanksgiving parade photo by Emad Salameh )

Amman is a cultural city that needs to celebrate it’s arts and people in it’s own streets that shapes it’s environment.

Why don’t we have an annual parade to celebrate Amman City it’s environment and culture by marching in the streets form different organizations, associations, businesses, schools, clubs with diverse ethnicities, believes, and origins.

It is challenging but lets see the feedback and if we can get the blessing from the municipality to sponsor one or support it.

We marched for politics opposing, and condemning, or supporting, and blessing. Shouldn’t we march for our city it’s culture, and environment?

We march for peace, love, education, honor, and, most important, we march for the environment.

Let’s show how we, the citizens, can work together side by side with the leadership of our king and the government in building this country.

We need to start thinking about a campaign building a movement to celebrate our city and it’s people and culture.

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