March 12, 2008

Streets names and numbers

GAM are installing Plates and changing names of the streets. Instead of focusing on the street and make it more livable, they are naming it and giving it some new signs. Moreover, changing street names is threatening our identity, the city sustainability, it's heritage and brand. We still call the first circle: the first circle, the second circle : the second circle, etc.

We need a street without pumps or holes, and a safe pedestrian to walk in. A lane for bicycles, a good public transportation for mass commute, and to stop relying on cars.

For a city to be more livable we need to focus on the street as a public space, and a pedestrian.

The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) on Sunday said it has completed the first phase of the project; placing plates and giving names to streets of Amman.The second phase of the project will start in few days according to Director of the GAM’s Naming and Numbering Department Marwan Olayan. Meanwhile, the municipality floated a tender to manufacture 100 new plates of numbers similar to those fixed on the commercial buildings in the capital.

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MommaBean said...

Look at the up-side, at least when a pothole pops your tire, you can call the tow truck and give him a street name and number! ;)