March 9, 2008

Al-Weibdeh carnaval

Al-weibdeh and it's residents celebrated the streets of alweibdeh this weekend, on saturday, by a carnaval where pupets, horses, musicians and people walked the streets from Paris plaza to the Terasanta school.

In a previous post last Sept., Amman Parade, we promoted for an initiative to re-imagine our streets by celebrating the city, it's people, arts and cultures, they did it in AL-weibdeh, can't we do it for Amman?

Amman is a cultural city that needs to celebrate it’s arts and people in it’s
own streets that shapes it’s environment. Why don’t we have an annual parade to
celebrate Amman City it’s environment and culture by marching in the streets
form different organizations, associations, businesses, schools, clubs with
diverse ethnicities, believes, and origins. It is challenging but lets see the
feedback and if we can get the blessing from the municipality to sponsor one or
support it. We marched for politics opposing, and condemning, or supporting, and
blessing. Shouldn’t we march for our city it’s culture, and environment? We
march for peace, love, education, honor, and, most important, we march for the
environment. Let’s show how we, the citizens, can work together side by side
with the leadership of our king and the government in building this country. We
need to start thinking about a campaign building a movement to celebrate our
city and it’s people and culture.

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Amer said...

couldn't they come up with something original?
those puppets are Valencia, Spain's during their La Fallas festival in March of every year. said...

I heard about it yesterday and too bad I couldn't attend because it was a last minute thing but it seems that it has been nice ...

Anonymous said...

well, it might be copied from some place, at least its a start.

how was it? and what do you mean by if it was for amman and not weibdah

Amman Voice said...

It was nice, people were happy smiling and laughing. Maybe if more people get more involved it will become more original, most of the efforts and participations came from the French cultural center. Other participation came from Ibn-Rushd school in ZARQA, according to the school organizer it was because the kids loved their "french" teacher and they all wanted to participate.

Hi Ali, where did I say: "what do you mean by if it was for amman and not weibdah" ?

It's a great event for the Weibdeh neighbourhood and we wish we have something similar in many other neighbourhoods, and a national parade for Amman.

Anonymous said...

This is the Nice's Carnaval in Amman... The idea come from the french cultural center doesn't it ? Cause we can see it... Jordanian Culture is not French Culture, I'm sure you can do without those festivities coming from Europe... Don't yield. You're great civilisation, try do construct something coming from deep Jordan, with traditions (music, clothes...) You don't need those muppets coming from Western countries...
It's may be, an other bad consequence of the mondialisation...which is the acculturation...


Amman Voice said...

I think we all agree on the concept, celebrating our culture, arts, and people. Celebrating the city of Amman. Sometimes it needs support and touches from the west that we need to learn from it.

Anonymous said...

I heard about the "souk al Weibdeh", kind of souk Jara... Do somebody know more about it ?

When was the first time ? Where ? Who did it ? What are the differences with Souk Jara ? Is it still working ?
Do somebody have some photos on it ?

Thanks for your answers.

Amman Voice said...

I never heard about Al-Weibdeh souq and would love to get the information. There is Al-Weibdeh community and there is Al-weibdeh neighborhood magazine. Hopefully we will have more active communities in every neighborhood in Jordan.

Unknown said...

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