November 29, 2008

The free cost of Valet Parking in Jordan

Valet parking is a new trend in Jordan and to some people it's a must do etiquette. To some companies it might be an added value to their service. The question is what does it mean to the city?

I asked GAM if they give anybody permits for businesses who claim the ownership of the street curb, but they don't, even some businesses claim that they pay for the valet spots.

The problem has many dimensions. I don't support the whole idea, but if we want to imitate other countries it needs to be regulated, any claimed Valet Parking should be done through a certified operators, this way we make sure that the car is safe and the driver is qualified to drive.
I don't wanna suggest accommodating valet parking but GAM and We need to find a better solutions for the increasing problem of Parking in Jordan.

It does frustrate me when I see an empty parking spot along the street side being reserved for the business customers or a VIP personnel, while I have to circulate the blocks trying to find an empty spot! Last weekend I saw a whole street in Abdoun, arround Crums and Limon, full of unoccupied reserved spots while everybody was looking for a spot!!!

The street side belongs to all people, we payed for the ownership when we payed our taxes.
This matter took my deep attention when I was living in NYC, I first created a blog called: SHAME ON YOU PARKING ... ( That was my first blog: Shame Parking is a public awareness blog to promote better parking practices and better environment). What I did is taking a picture of a wrong parking cars and post it in the blog with the car number, and I send it my e-mail to NYPD!!! Crazy... but what was more crazy is taking a picture of a police officer car parking in a wrong spot and I post it under: Uncivil servants!!! but it's a free world there, I am not sure if I can do that here..hahha? After this blog I thought of finding a solution for car parking problems in NYC, so I created another blog: Spotforecast and tried to sell the idea : of finding parking spots from your cell phone.

Well, you wonder what happened? It needs investment in marketing the idea!!! anybody interested?

I didn't see valet parking on the street side in the US. The valet parking concept is based on taking the car to the parking lot and not to the street side.

It really frustrate me to see this in Jordan. We need to build a campaing against this practice.


Unknown said...

hate valet parking, dont trust'em

Anonymous said...

I used to avoid valet parking at any cost, but recently it's becoming unavoidable, especially when you have a meeting and the building you're visiting has no parking space, and the options are:
1) You circle around hoping to get lucky
2) Park far far away, and walk carrying your laptop or suitcase or stuff.
3) Pay the valet and let him do the parking far away.

My office building doesn't have a parking, so we park our cars in a nearby empty spot of land, and every so often, some brilliant person comes along and blocks the entrance to that land locking everybody in!!! Now that's a pleasure!

I have pictures of a parking lot where a car was boxed completely, and the car owner had to wait 4 hours till someone arrived so he can leave!

All I can say is: Welcome to Jordan

Amman Voice said...

The problem of parking is a sleeping disaster to the transportation problem in Jordan. Serious solutions need to be taken at early stages of city planning. But we should focus on the basics:

" if we continue planning our cities for cars and traffic, we will get more cars and traffic; but, if we start planning our cities for people and places, we will get more people and places."

Anonymous said...

we need to introduce parking permits and paid for parking. pay and display. get some traffic wardens. the government will make lost of badly needed money.

Anonymous said...