December 12, 2008

Children playing Video Games

It's pretty interesting watching kids playing video games, isn't it? The New York Times and Robbie Cooper showed us how children play games in a short Video.

Pretty interesting to see the new generations reactions to the Video games. This should make every family worry about their kids and ask: "do I want my kids to be like this?"


Anonymous said...

Dang it I did worse my self playing video games

I guess the question is, does anyone have a choice? Kids wanna play video games. God knows I played them all my life and I can't remember life before them. I think it's the same for everyone... the games just got a whole lot better

Amman Voice said...

There are many choices it's just we have to raise good habits and make use of time in a healthy way.
I play Pacman sometimes, this is the only game that I have time to understand how to play.