December 24, 2008

The future of public transportation in Amman

Under a major public transport plan by GAM, huge buses will be operated on main routes in the capital (Photo courtesy of GAM)

GAM is serious about developing transportation alternatives in the City by proposing two major BRT projects ( Bus Rapid Transport), the first one will pass by Queen Rania Street and the second will pass by AL- Abdali . Currently, the infrastructure of the Public transportation in Amman is very week and only 17% of the residents use them. That's a very low percentage, especially that the transportation alternatives are not available. GAM is also building the infrastructure of the street side at many locations inside the city, to make it more pedestrian friendly. All these projects give us some hope about the future of the city. However, it's not that easy to develop Transportation alternatives in the city, to make it more livable and solve traffic congessions!

Amman Voice called for transportation alternatives in many posts. On July 2007, Amman Voice published a post: Promoting for transportation alternatives in Amman City:
" This can be part of a general mission to reclaim Amman city streets from the automobile, and to advocate for bicycling, walking, and public transit as the best transportation alternatives. Seeking to change Amman transportation priorities to encourage and increase clean, quite, friendly travel, and decrease car use. What we seek is a rational transportation alternative based on a :"Green transportation Hierarchy," which gives preference to modes of travel based on their benefits and costs to society. Read below about Green transportation hierarchy."

And in another post Amman city traffic congestions :

"Finally, the new development plan for Amman City expansion need to make transportation, traffic, and parking as a very serious issue to be studied "comprehensively" and "responsively" to prevent serious future problems. Moreover, it must go hand by hand with all other public and private sectors to ensure the effectiveness of traffic and transportation initiatives in Amman City."

Another post : " Do you think this is a good idea to solve the city traffic congestions in AMMAN, limit pollution, and find alternatives for transportation? What if the city contracted a foreign company to sponsor and finish the project and get the revenue for about 10 or 20 years before the city get it back?"

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