February 20, 2009

Amman the city of Soul ?

According to amman plan you can notice the slogan: "a livable city is an organized city with a soul." I was navigating Monocle's published list of the most livable cities trying to find the features of a livable cities and I found the following:

# 1: Munich emerges as the most liveable city

#2: Copenhagen is Scandinavia's most desirable city

#3: For Zurich, new vibrancy in Switzerland's finance capital

#4: Tokyo's peace behind the glitter

#5: In Vienna, Mittel-European grandeur meets modernity

#6: Helsinki's western chic retains a Finnish edge

#7: Sydney creates urbanity by the beach

#8: Stockholm shows the big charms of a small city

#9: Honolulu is a truly global city

#10: Madrid emerges from Barcelona's shadow

#11: Melbourne's touch of old Europe

#12: Montreal mixes French flair and American urbanity

#13: Barcelona boasts a cosmopolitan mix

#14: Kyoto combines antiquity with style

#15: Vancouver is experiencing a boom

#16: Auckland slowly gets to know itself

#17: Singapore's newly blossoming cultural landscape

#18: Hamburg's hip, modern metropolis

#19: Paris - rainy, gray, still a great place to live

#20: Geneva's efficient savoir-vivre

Finally... We all need to work on executing Amman Plan. There is a lot of work ahead of us, and it won't happen if we didn't take the responsibility of building the city, to make it more livable


Anonymous said...

we will probably be there in one or two hundred years...

Amman Voice said...

We will. One hundred years are not too far for a life of a City.

Anonymous said...

ofcourse things like that dont happen over night!