March 20, 2009

Amman City growth needs to be controlled

Amman City needs to take serious measures towards controlling the growth and not adapting the growth.

Amman is growing fast and it's population is expected to increase up to 6 million in year 2025. We've seen reactions toward this expected growth from different organizations and one of them were Amman growth plan introduced by GAM.

Amman city is developing rapidly, but it's development is taking the shape of expansion and or adaptation. On the other hand, more measures needs to be taken towards containing the growth, Urban Sprawl, increase in population, immigration ( Jordan have high immigration rates according to CIA Factbook), and immigration from less developed cities to the capital. 

Land expansion and increase in population has it's danger to the identity of the city, the environment, and the economy in general and sometimes it must be contained rather than being adapted. On the other hand, less developed neighbourhoods in the city, and other less developed cities in Jordan needs more development. 

Our resources are scarce and need to be used for development and not growth, otherwise we will loose the opportunity of development. 

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