January 25, 2008

Amman streets

Amman City has an enormous traffic problem. Streets are overrun with cars, pedestrians are jammed onto sidewalks, and forced into dangerous traffic, buses have no schedule, and deliveries, taxis, and emergency vehicles struggle to get through.

Amman's new traffic planning policy primarily attempts to maximize vehicular through put. This fails to consider how pedestrians, and transit-users can improve the total capacity of our streets.

Streets are more than just car corridors; they are valuable civic spaces and resources that need to be wisely allocated. Improving these public spaces is the simplest way to improve the quality of life for all Ammanies.

Amman city streets ate almost entirely devoted for cars. Cars are the most inefficient users of Amman City street space. A sensible, sustainable transportation policy would prioritize transit users, and walkers.

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