January 22, 2008

Unfriendly Streets

We need to re-imagine Amman as a "Livable City ". All amman streets need to be Pedestrian friendly, and not only Wakalt or Rainbow, the commercial streets, and ignoring the rest.

Streets can't be regulated by only imposing strict traffic laws. They should come with a campaign to re-imagine our streets to be more livable. To Educate The citizens about the potential Transportation policies changes that will improve quality of life across Amman City.

Below are some photos taken for Swefieh streets in Amman on saturday afternoon. Note that all photes were taken by circulatiung just once arround the boundary streets of Swefieh, and I posted some comments on the photos:

"The contractors must file for permission from the GAM for any construction work or use outside the propoert line" AmmnVoice

"Parking spots must be provided for all Pharmacies instead of commercial stores" AmmanVoice

Loading and unloading at main streets

Wrong way and parking, while pedestrian walking on the street and causing traffic jams.

An intersection of chaos: no stop signs, parallel parking, no pedestrian crossing path, and an uneffective sign for an alternative street parking for only one hour.


Anonymous said...

People need to become more pedestrian to understand the ridiculous situation on the roads. People who plan and implement are most probably not pedestrians at all, otherwise their common sense would tell them how dysfunctional things are. Hope you dont mind a link, but here are a bunch of pix from around Amman that also show the challenges.

Amman Voice said...

A livable city is a pedestrian city, we should focus on the Pedestrian and Public spaces. Not on cars, tunnels and traffic laws.

There is an important role need to be taken educating people and even the decision makers to understand the concept of friendly streets and livable city.

If you have more pictures please post them or tag them in Flickr with: ammanvoice.