October 30, 2007

Wakalat street

I wanna share you some pictures with comments from the Wakalat street. I took it the month after they opened it.I love this project and my expectations were much higher than the results but I still say it's a very innovative concept for the city of Amman. If there were some mistakes we can learn from them and we shall all cooperate in building and developing our city. I know that many good people were behind this project and I hope they continue in this direction maybe one day we see all Amman streets as pedestrians, and parks celebrating it's people and cultures.


Moey said...

I;m with you...

Anonymous said...

Wakalat street is one of the Sweifya street. It is only used by pedestrians. It contains all kind of shops, restaurant and cafes. As you can see it is very beautiful in winter and summer.

For more please visit www.wakalatstreet.com