October 30, 2007

I need an answer for this picture?

Taken by Anonymous...

This picture was taken for Jamal Abdel Nassir Circle and I want someone to answer me these questions:

1) Why nobody is using the bridge?
2) Who decided to build this bridge or other non functional bridges ?
3) Did the bridges or tunnel solve the increasing traffic congestion problems?
4) Will I go to prison asking these questions?
5)( ) fill in the blanks

*Small note: Funny picture looking at the empty pedestrians and someone is trying to cross the street running.

If we continue planning our streets for cars and traffic, we will get more cars and traffic; conversely, if we start planning our cities for people and places, we will get more people and places.

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Anonymous said...

Hi all,
looking at the pic, I think there is a sale around the corner, some guy on the street is having a 50% off the romman he is selling.... lol or ba6ee5!!
- people think if they take the bridge they cAN NOT LOOK AT THE GIRLS ON THE STREET!!! LOL
-THAT taxi in the front wants to see what will hapen if he stopes in the middle of the street, i guess he took the pic!!! lol
from the B man!!!

Adoosh said...

It depends on where you're going?!
Ya3ny by the end of the day, ppl working in Jabal Al7usein and living in Shmeshani that's their only route..

The bridge is very vital, and sometimes congested, in the morning rush hour for all those ppl going from Swele7, jam3a,..etc to Was6 el balad..

However, if you're searching for the most stupidly designed thing, you should have a look at Istiqlal street! It's a nightmare 24 hours a day n both directions..

Amman Voice said...

If we work and live in the same neighborhoods we might get less traffic jams.

In other words, if we focused on the pedistrians with a multi use buildings we might get less congession!