October 29, 2007

Mobile Cultures

Below is a list of books distributors in Jordan and I thought of sharing it with you.

But, I am proposing here an interesting project(s) maybe someone will make it happen. Since most of us here don't visit: Libraries, Museums, and galleries lets bring it to them?

We can have a mobile library traveling all over Jordan selling and buying books or just open it's doors for people to rent them or just browsing them, then maybe later on the concept will have a bigger impact and end up to build a Library.

We can have a Mobile Museum, traveling the city, going to schools, parks and neighborhoods. It can hold samples from the new Hussein Museum to let us know what can we see or expect to see in it.

We can have Mobile concerts for different musicians, mobile galleries for different artists, or mobile awareness campaigns. Like: Campaign for recycling awareness, non-smoking, breast cancer, carbon emission...etc.

Maybe someone will like the idea and support it to make it happen. Then we start seeing more of our culture in the streets of Amman. We get more encouraged to read more, educate ourselves about our arts and get some awareness.

Maybe one day...but, development comes step by step. Isn't it?

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Book publishers in Jordan:

Mrs. Rajaa Deweri Academic Centre For College Textbooks 962 6 5332330/5340383 962 6 5337187
Mrs. Lamis Al Husseini Al Bustan Lil Kutub 962 6 5654270 962 6 5654271
Mr. Bishara Naber Al Kashkool Bookshop 00962 6 5683256 00962 6 5622209
Mr. Madian Al Jazerah Books@cafe 962 6 4650457 962 6 4650457
Mr. M. Al Borini E Tec International 962 6 5827281 962 6 5827283
Mr. Rawan Barakat Jordan Book Centre Co. Ltd 5151 882 515 2016
Mr. Eyad Mohammad Jordan Distribution Agency - ARAMEX Media 962 6 5358855 962 6 5337733
Mr. Muhammad Al-Majdubah Modern Educational Systems 962 6 565-0360 , 565-0363 962 6 5650355
Ms. Shatha Al Qasem/Tamara Hakouz Philadelphia Book Gallery 962 6 5515861 / 5534238 962 6 5510649
Mr. Ala Mohammad Specialty Academic Book Centre (9626)5531464 962 6 5531468
Mr. Safa Hijazeen The Good Book shop 962 6 461 3939 962 6 461 3938
Mr. Mazen K Kutob University Bookshop 962 6 5330211 962 6 5357638
Mr. Osama Qasem/Ms.Majdolen Dalo Universiy Book Centers Company 962 6 5346746 962 6 5346740

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joladies said...

And please add Readers, a very large bookshop over Cozmo at the 7th Circle. In the eighties there was a mobile museum roaming round Jordan that Nabil Sawalha got going through the Haya Arts Centre. T