October 29, 2007

WiFi and Free at Wakalat Street....but Why?

GAM with collaboration from Omniah launched a free WIFI service at the Wakalat street. So you can now access the internet and for free....Cool right? We do need this service in all over Amman, but, do we really need it at the Wakalat Street. So now we know there is a free WiFi but who will use it and how?

We know also that Wakalat street is a shopping or a Mall-ish street. So if you want to use your laptop, you need first a place to sit down and second, you need electricity to hook your laptop too. This might be provided at either Starbucks or maybe one of those few coffee shops, but, don't they already offer an internet service there too.

I don't wanna discourage having a FREE service like this one, but I am afraid it's only an accessory or a marketing tool to be provided in the wakalat street.

Don't we need this free service at our universities, schools, and libraries?

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nasimjo said...

because this is the way it should be!

its very similar to why does old prague has Free WiFi all over the place!!!!

each and every crowded place around the city should have WiFi FREEEEEE!!
starting from the airport ....

I dought there's the need of WiFi in schools, but there is a need in universities, and the service is available in several universities .. in other universities it is available on the papers in front of the University president's desk ... but well ...

Anonymous said...

Well, its a start.
Normal Batteries are of 2 hours average, which should do for an average user. Electricity Plugs are better of course :)