November 19, 2007

Jordan and the world On-line

"Recognize this planet? if your business is online, it's where your potential customers live."

Other countries:

Jordan %11.7 ( 0.63 million)
US %70
Israel %55
Sweden %77
Germany %61
China %10 (144 million)
UAE %35 ( 1.3 million)

In other data shows the following:

The percentage of internet penetration in the Arabic world is 2% from the world percentage
the average world growth is %250, and the Arabic world growth is %450, the highest in the world.

Other maps might show rates of poverty, diseases and health, forests and deserts, or growing trade and economy. I love maps, I will be searching for more maps and post them here, but unfortunately, in our nations we lack the availability of data and we think maps are only used for the Army or in a geography class. Woke up people! Not anymore...

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