November 30, 2007

More NGOs or more money makers

Regional organizations maps, map by Aris Katsaris

With our limited resource in Jordan, funds to support projects for development by humanitarian aids can be supported by the regional and World NGOs. The majority of our citizens don't live in Towers, and gated communities they are living in poverty and they need support, and humanitarian aid. We market for Jordan to investors showing proposals of High Rise buildings, Malls, hotels, and compounds, instead of marketing for the world NGOs (non governmental organizations). These real estate investments will give it's benefits to the rich real estate brokers "developers" in Jordan expanding the gap of the rich and poor.
We need to reach more NGOs to invest in Jordan, by showing the areas that needs development and not showing High rises investments that will only bring to us business men and will push the NGOs away. We need to market for building Factories, and Farms, marketing for getting more Jobs to the country.

Abdali Project, photo by: Emad Salameh
In Russia, they have 400,000 NGOS, and in India estimated to have between: 1 to 2 million.
How many NGOs do we have in Jordan? Please send me the list if you have it.

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Anonymous said...

foreign donors can strongly influence recipient groups, which raises questions about the NGOs’ accountability to the communities they serve.

this issue created problems in jordan, where islamists saw the foreign financing those organizations as westren attempts to control the country. saying that who give money want to win the loyalty of those who are being paid.

Therefore, legitimate NGOs must display independence from their financial supporters to maintain their credibility with the citizenry. we need groups that don't set any conditions for its financing but works alongside local NGOs to launch projects that serve soceity.