November 12, 2007

A 1000 car Campaign Or a 1000 tree to remember 9/11?

We remembered our martyrs this week with sorrow and blessings to protect our country and it's peaceful citizens from any harm.

Not sure who was behind this campaign, however, I knew that it wasn't officially approved, but, still some cars did participate in the campaign as we can see in the pictures below.

Is this how we campaign to remember our martyrs by driving our cars across the street.

Instead of promoting for streets as public spaces, pedestrian friendly, we promote for our causes by driving our cars!!!

I never seen this in any civilized world, a 1000 car campaign !!!

What's wrong with walking in silence, remembering our martyrs with respect and peace while celebrating our clean streets?

Why not instead of campaigning by driving, we walk?

What if instead of every Car we planted a Tree and we gave them a name of the 9/11 martyrs. We see them growing and we remember them every day in our streets.

I am sure whoever planned for this made a huge effort to promote for it, and he/she was thinking out of his heart and love to his country and people to remember 9/11.

Maybe next year we plant together a 1000 tree.

On the other hand, I must mention here other similar events when we win a soccer match, or a music award we fill our streets with cars cycling our streets for hours to celebrate.

Shouldn't this stop? maybe one day.

The GAM is working hard to control our public streets, and make it pedestrian friendly, with less traffic, and less pollution. We need to educate ourselves about the harm of cars and traffic and it's effect on the environment and city life.

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nasimjo said...

was just a stupid event!

where is the support for the families and sadness in having 1000 cars releasing their horns around the streets!

its the 1st time I ever hear about a cars march!!!

Anonymous said...

i believe someone was trying there ! but had no idea what to do exactly...the trees is a beautiful idea, why not try to do it? lots of people are reading ur articles, and i am sure u can get enough support..

Anonymous said...

A respected perspective and a civil approach. keep it up and you will gain support when you introduce such ideas..

Amman Voice said...

Thanks all for your positive feedback.
We have to keep trying to re-imagine our streets to make it a livable open spaces. Transforming it to a pedistrian friendly alternative to cars and traffic.

This is the key to make our city a more livable place.

There is a lot to do, and many ideas were introduced by a lot of people like you and me. The question is how can we be more effictive in our implementation?

Anonymous said...

I believe in composing societies, made of voluteering individuals from different backgrounds, professions and education to get a wider angle as possible. Focus on functions with limited or non finance required, simple ideas that do not require approval or mass to achieve in order to gain confidence and interest.