July 23, 2007

Al-Wakalat Street opened as the First pedestrian street in Amman City


Engineer Omar Maani Mayor of Amman opened Alwekalat Street in Allsouifieh with a new character of a distinguished landscape architecture, urban furniture, and cosmetic work.
At the opening ceremony, which was attended by a crowd of all age groups, Eng. Al Maani said that the experience of the Al-Wakalat Street as the first pedestrian street for friendly-shopping experience in Amman consider a successful experiment in all benchmarks and will be circulated in the future on the streets of the city to realize the aspirations of the GAM for Amman city to make it pedestrian-friendly.

By Emad Salameh


Amman Voice said...

This is a great project toward building a pedestrian friendly city. Less streets and cars more walkways, pedestrians, and don't forget more green.

Amman Voice said...

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Anonymous said...

Wakalat street is one of the Sweifya street. It is only used by pedestrians. It contains all kind of shops, restaurant and cafes. As you can see it is very beautiful in winter and summer.

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