July 15, 2007

Music Matbakh in Amman

Some of the most exciting young musicians from across the Arabic world will perform in Amman next Sunday in a bold and innovative new kind of global collaboration.

Under the banner ‘Music Matbakh’ (Arabic for ‘kitchen’), a dozen performers from six different countries in North Africa and the Near East will perform in Amman Sunday July 27th at Al-Hussein Center Ras El-Ein. The event is hosted by the British council.

The invited musicians include both popular and traditional performers, virtuoso instrumentalists, singers, percussionists, wizards of electronica and MCs drawn from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria and Tunisia. They will work with musical director Justin Adams (producer of the highly acclaimed album, ‘Aman Iman’, by Tinariwen) who has been involved with British Council projects in Syria and Tunisia and whose wide and varied experience made him a natural choice.

Music Matbakh will perform in Jordan and leave on July 23 to perform in Syria. And in August the group will perform in Alexandria, Cairo and Tunis.

To get the free tickets and schedule of the performance in Amman contact the British Council at +4636147 or Orangered at T: +4623297.

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