July 9, 2007

GAM announced that the deadline to remove Billboards covering buildings is 30th August. Do you agree or disagree?

Another decision was made by the GAM asking to remove the Billboard that covers the buildings and regulate advertisement in the city.
1) Didn't GAM give, in the first place, those billboard locations permissions to certain advertisement agencies?
2) Will removing those Ads make the city looks better?
3) Doesn't these ads with it's current locations gives richness and variety to the city? Take for example: NY or las Vegas.
4) Is this just a business to get more money for new locations?
5) Don't you think how those Ads been spread everywhere are a reflection of the chaos we have in GAM and the advertisement agencies too?
6) Don't you think that there are things that's more important than removing those Ads that the GAM need to focus on, for example: building towers that blocks other buildings?
7) Billboards blocking buildings. Blocking what? Which Views?

To study more about Ads and the City I recommend reading the book: "learning from las Vegas" by Robert Venturi. Published before about 35 years.

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