July 24, 2007

Opening of the complex travel north and the conversion of Abdali into Garden

Omar Maani GAM mayor opened today the transportation terminal Al-shamal compound as an alternative to the Abdali compound, which will start working on it Friday 20-7-2007 morning and he inspected the facilities. According to GAM the new terminal will contribute to reducing pressure on the Street Traffic Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, the former university field Gamal Abdel Nasser Interior. The terminal which is located in the Tareq Area on Jordan Street will occupy about 175 vehicles and 242 medium buses, and 278 for rented-taxis 'sarvies'.

The project was designed in a modern way in a land area of 32 dunums cost 1.78 million dinars excluding the land price. According to GAM the project aims to upgrade the infrastructure and improve the efficiency of road and improve the environmental situation and making aesthetic elements on the site. The Abdali compound will be converted to a public park with all kind of services that will become an outlet for the region that witness density in population and lack green areas.
Changing the terminal location to the 'Al-Shamali' terminal might be a good move since the best location for a transportation hub is to be located at the city boundaries, but won't this move shift the jam from one location to another? Well, the future will tell. The best part of this plan is to transfer Al-Abdali into a park. But, and we learn from other lessons, will Al-Abdali turn in the future to be another Ras-Elin? building another museum, or a city hall, cultural center, or even another municipality building? Is there going to be fountains, trees, pools, or just tiles and few bushes? or just something like the new Ras-Elin area?
What about the new Abdali project. Won't it cause more traffic congestions to the area? Won't it need parking or closer transportation services?
All these questions will be answered in the few coming years. I doubt that the traffic congestions will be solved in that part of the city, it will be worst.
What if we kept Al-Abdali terminal as it is "Saving us some money" build a park at the new claimed Abdali project and move the Abdali project outside the city, somewhere at 'Al-matar' road? It might be too late to do so, but we have to act now better than later and everyday counts.
I can't see all of this happening and not say anything. According to GAM strategy announced earlier this month building new high rise towers will cause more congestions to the city. Moreover, designing the guidelines of the high rise buildings at the bottom of the city mountains so they don't affect the city skyline is a good idea from the perspective of preserving the city skyline and character. But, will the developers like that? If they want to spend millions of dollars on a building. They will need it to stand up in the Sky.
All indications shows that building a new city with high rise buildings away from the city center and populated Amman region is the best choice.

By Emad Salameh

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Unknown said...

i agree.. i think the best solution is to keep the city skyline as it is right now..

as for the new high rise buildings they can have it on both sides of airport road which is flat and more suitable for such buildings..

something similar to sheikh zayid road in dubai.

ala matar