July 9, 2007

Regarding the new GAM Interim Strategy

I am not sure if any of the architects/planners did or can criticize anything. The problem of the "Tower buildings" have different dimensions.
The study for Amman plan presented by the Mayor is not comprehensive, and there are few points I would like to mention:
1) It says: " We can partner with tower investors to achieve our vision" ... you represent the government and you enforce the city plan, you don't partner. If there is a plan, it should be implemented as it is.

2) Transportation. The problem is not just transportation accessibility, it's the increase in traffic congestions. New towers in the middle of the city will increase traffic congestions.

3) Environment...to ensure and promote. This is a weak statement for a global great concern. Green architecture, sustainability needs to be on the top list of priorities of future developments and you set rules and regulations based on them. it's the future.

4) Aesthetics "...Limestone, and metal materials. Some colors like white, peige are encouraged." We have enough stone that makes the city very pale now. Stone is beautiful, but we need variety of colors and new materials. For example: use Brick with its different colors and textures and it fits the proportion of the Human being since it's size is small.

5) "...Staggering buildings on slopes protecting views." This doesn't make since at all. a) What about the views of the tower itself? b) The tower is a tower, when you build it in the city it will still block the surrounding views.

6)"... Encourage taller and thinner over wider." Again: Encourage. Means nothing.

It was suggested to FILL 3 open areas to build Tower buildings in and arround Amman and I don't agree with that. Neither of the solutions presented solved anything.
1) We still have towers in the middle of the city.
2) We will have more traffic congestions in the city.
3) No environmental, sustainability plan.

A solution I might suggest:
1) Move all of the new towers to a new area, build a new modern city for all these new towers.
2) Build more Parks, we need to see more trees and playgrounds.
3) Encourage building with new materials and colors that brings more life to the city other than limestone, and the commercial metal.

One last thing, we don't only need a city plan we need new construction building methods, and building materials in Amman thats based on studying the available resources and the economical advantage of using new building technologies.

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