August 17, 2007

SMILE, LAUGH, SING, and DANCE in Amman City

In physiology, a smile is a facial expression formed by flexing the muscles most notably near both ends of the mouth. The smile can be also around the eyes. Among humans, it's customarily an expression of pleasure, happiness, or amusement, but can also be an involuntary expression of anxiety, in which case it can be known as a grimace. There is much evidence that smiling is a normal reaction to certain stimuli and occurs regardless of culture. Happiness most often causes the smile to occur, though. Among animals, the exposure of teeth, which may bear a resemblance to a smile, are often used as a threat - known as a snarl - or a sign of submission. In chimpanzees, it can be a sign of fear.

So do we SMILE enough? Why not?
I noticed once I don't smile enough and it makes me look and feel serious even when I am not, and it reflects on my general mood. It's a facial impression that sometimes you don't realize how it reflects positioning yourself to others, and reflects on your general mood. I knew it's wrong so I decided to smile. But how? Call me a wacko but I started to smile as much as i can even while I am alone and for no reason, try to smile now for no reason, how do you feel. Smiling is a habit that you can control and develop, since it's related to muscles practicing smiling will make you easily smile, even sometimes involuntary.

I do the same when I Sing, Laugh, and Dance ...

Next time when you see me smiling for no reason don't worry I am not weired I am just practicing to SMILE.


Tareq said...

Emad...this is dangerous!
if u start to smile alone and get caught.. they will have other thoughts abt ur mind intactness :)) lool
Indeed amman is a dull city in tht regard,, ppl are always kishreen... mish Serious,, LA LA..NAKAD ASLI min el akhir!
i know what a serious face means and looks,, hadol el nasss elly bibayno serious, bitla2ee fee malami7 tanyeh bti3kis inno momkin yekonoo momkin yed7ako later on,, bas jama3etna,, Nakad o kasharah bti26a3 el rizi2!!
i have no idea what should be done here to make ppl smile or at least walk in the streets at ease,, relax their facial expression muscles a bit!
Suggest a Botox Injection for every Kishir!

by the way,, there is a study about why ppl are so dull looking in here and walk as if there have just woke up from bed...its the Vit B12 defeciency!! 40% of jordanina adults suffer a mild-severe degree of it...its worth mentioning tht low levels of B12 cause nervous system and muscular system to malfunction!!!
فتأمل يا رعاك الله

Anonymous said...

Expert ppl n Sociology relate such kinds of general character n one part 2 the original ENVIRONMENT of the places..4 ex, countries of frequently occurring earthquakes or any sudden natural disasters like Rome or Greek have a dreamy highly imaginative minds, as these unexpected sudden events generated the myths abt hidden forces & angry or happy GODS ....& there z no doubt how the civilization of these 2 countries were rich with such stories that eventually created creative poets, writers, artists & philosophers ...
Likewise , the existence of water resources & greenery n other counties , the more relaxed daily life have its impact on Syrian & Lebanon ppl 4.ex ; the behavior of going out 2 the beach or going 4 "Sairan" all affect the daily easy going interaction & the general happy mood ...Again ppl of the desert , the arid environments , never used 2 live on their ease, & never faced any rich or non-monotones views 2 get inspired or 2 smile, they only care seriously abt their tough survival, the silent desert teaches patience , maybe wisdom but most importantly seriousness… simply compare Mecca ppl with Madina or Jeddah ppl, & likewise compare all gulf ppl with Lebanese ppl ..Even the weather of the gr8 city of London, & despite its joyous civic & natural destinations, has a dominant gloomy attitude among its citizens, ppl really smiles there when they finally have a SUNNY DAY.. Therefore, in addition 2 the sad war history of the area & the gr8 grief of the LOSS that never dies,, Amman z a semi arid land ,& this has clearly an impact on ppl ….
Anyway, I'd find a reason 2 smile remembering somebody z out there smiling 4 no reason :)

Amman Voice said...

Thats a good scientific fact and maybe we can start spice our food with Vitamin B12 instead of Jordanian domestic sheep fat "El-Samneh elbalady"