August 22, 2007

GAM to construct complex for public firms in Amman

Amman Mayor Eng. Omar Maani on Monday announced that the government in cooperation with the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) would construct a complex to gather all the public firms in the city center in one location. He added during a meeting with Luaibdeh district residents this week that this project would take three years from the starting day. Meanwhile, the Mayor said that GAM will work in transforming the Abdali Bus Terminal to a public park and library for the use of the residents of the area. He told the citizens that GAM study the possibility to restrict the Baouneh Street for pedestrians only, and to renovate the parks there. The residents announced the launch of a campaign to preserve green spaces and to clean the area. “GAM has relocated almost 10,000 trees were on the sidewalks of the streets distracting the pedestrians from using such areas to walk on,” he said. He also explained the new numbering system of the commercial streets and its benefits noting that “GAM has implemented the project in high quality,” and that this project would benefit the citizens and safe their time, Meanwhile, GAM has already removed 1,000 advertisement boards that are against the new regulations, which has been enforced this year, the Mayor said. GAM also finalized the layouts for the construction of the its employees club noting that work in the project would start next month.

Not sure where is the Location? If it's Ras El-Ein, what about traffic and transportation? Environment? Even this comes late since most of the "Public Buildings" were been recently constructed. Will the plan force the ministries and different public buildings to transfer?

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