August 14, 2007

Kuwait firm wins Jordan taxi deal

Financial investment company Noor has won a tender to provide a new taxi service in Jordan, Kuwait Times reported yesterday.
The joint Kuwaiti and Jordanian firm is a branch of the Kuwait-based Noor Financial Investment Company. Ayad Rashad, head of its Jordan branch told KUNA the contract would pave the way for the official launch in less than six months.
According to Rashad, the company will pay $4.2 million for a 400-strong fleet of vehicles, plus $948k for the government as lease for the project each year.

Don't we have enough cars and traffic. Do you think by adding another 400 taxis will help in solving the booming congestions and transportation problems in Amman city? Don't you think that instead of adding more cars we need to promote for Transportation Alternatives in Amman? or Build a Railway?

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The system will use the latest communications technology, he said, with the ability to trace cab journeys as far back as three months in order to deal with any quality issues.

Rashad also said the Noor company owned 10 percent of the Jordanian Etisalat company, with the stake likely to rise to $21.65 percent soon.

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