January 6, 2008

A 400JD Laptops or a 75JD Laptops per child?

A 70 JD Laptop Per Child

I read in the news today about the Jordan Post Company initiative offering affordable desktops and laptops computers for a JD300 - JD500. Applications to purchase the laptops starts today and it needs Bank approval for funding. Not sure what's the specifications of the laptop, but it looks that there are some guildlines. Good news, but 300 JD in not that cheap.
Alas, we can get a better deal at A $100 laptop per child initiative, thats if you need an educational laptop.
" $100 laptop per child, is an education project, not a laptop project. To
provide children around the world with new opportunities to explore, experiment
and express themselves.”

How to give a laptop to a child?

You can donate through the website. However, dont we need this laptop in our Schools too?

JPC begins receiving applications for computer

AMMAN (JT) _ Jordan Post Company (JPC) offices across the Kingdom today
will start receiving applications for purchasing affordable desktop and laptop
computers under an initiative launched by the JPC. Under the initiative,
citizens can fill out an application to purchase a desktop or a laptop. Once
approval is received from the bank, the applicant immediately will be provided
with a computer. The monthly installment for the desktop stands at JD6.75, while
the monthly payment for the laptop is JD12. The payback period ranges from 48-55
months. The price of laptops and desktops ranges from JD300 to JD508, depending
on the specifications of the device. There are no downpayments required.


Anonymous said...

the cost of a normal from the store entry level laptop is between 300-500 jds ? so are they just trying to hoodwink ppl into buying laptops they don't need under the guise of them being cheap ?
thats sinister

Amman Voice said...

The prices of computers/laptops in Jordan are in the high range, compared to other countries. It's important to offer an affordable computers so our kids can get an equal opportunities and get a proper educaion.

Mohanned said...

There is more to the OLPC initiative than good will. Politics and big corps also are playing the game, just two days ago Intel withdrew from the project..

Yet the OLPC is a very good idea..But a better idea would be selling laptops at their real prices, you can get a decent dell laptop for 500$ which is 350JDs..


Anonymous said...

its an initiative.. buy if you want, getting them to children at school for 100usd is a good idea, but does not make this one that bad.. and companys do have to profit, we are more on the market side than the social state :)

Amman Voice said...

I thought the prices of the computers offered by the JPC are cheaper. They are not.

If you comapre it to the prices offered by local distributors you will find thats it's even more expensive. So, what is this all about?