December 3, 2007

Send your suggestions to GAM

Let's make a difference. let's be part of shaping the future of Amman, be proactive and share your recommendations and opinions comments on the Amman master plan and other projects GAM intend to implement.

Go to and send your comments and suggestions to Mr. Maani, The Mayor of Amman City.

GAM invites public to e-mail opinions, suggestions

AMMAN (Petra) - The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) on Saturday called on the public to take part in roundtable discussions on the future of Amman through e-mails to GAM’s website. Citizens are invited to send their recommendations and opinions on the Amman Master Plan and other projects GAM intends to implement. Last month, GAM held weekly roundtable discussions, in which Amman Mayor Omar Maani and experts from both the private and the public sectors participated. Maani said such meetings aim to open the door for discussions and dialogue between various members of society to exchange ideas and views, adding that GAM believes in dialogue as a cornerstone for developing communities and economies.

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