December 29, 2007

Mechanisms to reduce traffic accidents

Police man in Jordan, Photo: Petra

The new PSD administration are taking the right steps toward enhancing the performance of the police department. This is what we mentioned in a previous post Police Security Department : " To be more effective, and have the competency to manage the developments and challenges in our country being more proactive than reactive." .... "We do need to see more police in every neighborhood and every street. In public places, parks, and Malls. If we need improvements in our country, it needs to come from here, from the police department. Their duties are beyond putting criminals in prison, they make sure that there is an order, and there is a law. Moreover, the PSD, and the GAM together with all other public services in the country need to be more connected working together."

AMMAN (Petra) - Public Security Department (PSD) Director Major General Mazen
Qadi said on Thursday that the PSD was working to implement plans designed to
reduce traffic accidents. Qadi made his remarks during a visit Thursday to the
Highway Patrol Department where he met with officials and experts to discuss
enhancing the department’s performance. Qadi issued instructions to provide the
department with qualified and well-trained personnel to control traffic movement
in the Kingdom. Also Thursday, Qadi said the PSD will continue plans to
establish highway patrol stations, noting that four new stations will be created
in the near future.

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