December 16, 2007

Police Security Department

Looking forward for the change in the PSD administration. Improving their operations, not only increasing the number of the police patrols in the streets or just being the "Traditional Police" , but, also participate in being the actual representatives of our governments to implement the law. To be more effective, and have the competency to manage the developments and challenges in our country being more proactive than reactive.

We do need to see more police in every neighborhood and every street. In public places, parks, and Malls. If we need improvements in our country, it needs to come from here, from the police department. Their duties are beyond putting criminals in prison, they make sure that there is an order, and there is a law. Moreover, the PSD, and the GAM together with all other public services in the country need to be more connected working together.

PSD director outlines future goals

AMMAN (Petra) - During a meeting on Saturday with security leaders, police directors and field administrators, Director of the Public Security Department (PSD) Major General Mazen Qadi stressed the need to provide security services to citizens in a civilised and humane way on the basis of equality. Qadi underscored the importance of developing police performance to keep in pace with the latest development in the field and improve the level of training and human proficiencies. “Each director, within his area and jurisdiction, should develop plans and dispatch vehicle and on-foot patrols to highly populated areas to extend emergency services in record time,” Qadi said, also stressing the importance of coordination between the concerned departments in PSD in crime prevention.

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