December 27, 2007

Annaouncements Banners ...

The GAM is planning to install a dedicated locations for the citizens to post directions of locations for private announcements (weddings, funeral) on the traffic light posts instead of the current irregular postings.

This might sounds an interesting idea. However, we need to understand first why we have this problem?

It's because we lack a Location Based Services in the city to give us directions for different points of interests.

I've seen this in many developed cities. We need to promote for using technology and Maps in the growing city of Amman.

But one day we will have it, maybe soon :)

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Anonymous said...

Recently I have noticed the new modern grey billboards with backlights on the streets of Amman.

It is a beautiful means of advertisements. In addition, it fits perfectly with GAM's goal of modernizing Amman.

Which company is responsible for putting up these billboards?

I hope to see more billboards like these on the highways and other cities and places in Jordan.

Amman Voice said...

Yes and they give more life to the city. But don't you think that it's gonna be invaded with either: ZAIN, UMNIAH, or ORANGE. I know they already took all the existing streets billboard, and they look so Ugly.

Anonymous said...

Which company is responsible for putting up these billboards?

Amman Voice said...

I have no idea ...