December 11, 2007

King calls for swift implementation of energy conservation projects

His Majesty King Abdullah meets with HRH Prince Hamzah, who chairs a Royal committee to revise and
modernise the national energy strategy, and several ministers on Sunday (Photo by Yousef Allan)

His Majesty King Abdullah on Sunday stressed the need to start implementing projects designed to meet the Kingdom’s energy demands and to increase reliance on alternative and renewable energy sources.

With his leadership HM shows us the importance of such projects. I am not aware of any projects been done, or any guidelines and directions been enforced to rely on the alternative energy and control energy consumption.

What we can do here is start thinking about creating a rating system for each project been implemented and listed as an environmentally healthy and sustainable.

Other ways of using alternative energy resources can be done by implementing more effective transportation system and rely more on transportation alternatives from Pedestrian, bicycles, Trains, Busses, and last of them cars.Green Transportation Hierarchy
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