December 10, 2007

Know who lives in your backyard?

Wanna know who was left behind in the new Amman planning strategy. Watch this video!

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Nadine Toukan said...

This neighborhood is the focus of a project spearheaded by ARAMEX and includes several private sector partners who collaborate with existing orgs in the neighborhood. Maani is one of the corporate partners supporting this RUWWAD project in Nathif.

RUWWAD have done a lot of work with the community there since this video which is fairly old - a year or so I think (not sure).

You should visit Jabal Nathif and see the beginnings of transformation, and of course how much more work needs to be done. But it's started, and things are improving for the community as per their own testimonials.

Their website:

Having said all this, Nathif is one of many such neglected areas in this city and around the country.

Amman Voice said...

We need to be more aware of such initiatives and promote for more participations from the community to volunteer in these development projects.

Thanks for the information