December 10, 2007

Public Event : Exploring the Built Environment


Anonymous said...

nice header ;o)

Amman Voice said...

and nice nick name :)

Anonymous said...

Emad..I loved so much 2 attend but unfortunately couldn't make it , Do u mind writing more details abt the lec. topics/contents/ main debate?

Amman Voice said...

Well Mais !
It was full of politics, it's like watching TV flipping between Al-Manar, LBC, and Mustaqbal TV.

You can even sense the politics of the presenter.

He mentioned Nadim Shahadeh Reviera ( Lebaneses government) VS Citadel (Opposition: Hizballah) model. Presented some of the AUB students proposals for Al-Dahiyeh each with their Political designs.

It's funny after all the designs and efforts he presented, he ran quickly into what's actually been done on the ground, that contradict with most of the analysis and designs.

I think a better model need to be presented which is: Solidier VS Dahiyeh. A better real analysis for what's been done on the ground.

Not only being Academic but also professional.

His political stand was so obvious, and when you are an academic professional you need to depend on facts and not personal judgements.