December 22, 2007

Eid Mubarak

The Sheep " Sameen" the friend of the Poor, part of the Guerrilla Marketing by tkiyetumali-Ali Photo by: Emad Salameh

Towards a Jordan free of Hunger by 2015

"Tkiyet Um Ali is considered to be the first NGO in Jordan to serve hot meals and provide humanitarian aid on daily basis to the poor and needy from the Jordanian society in all locations. A genuine idea by her late Royal Majesty Queen Alia Al Hussein that derived its nobility from the Islamic concept of social responsibility
towards the less privileged. This tradition was kept in the Islamic and Ottoman eras for centuries till present date, Thus; sustaining and confirming on the direct relationship between praising and lending a helping hand to those who mostly need it.

Tkiyet Um Ali was founded as a memorial for her Late Majesty Queen Alia al Hussein, as a voice of hope for those who can not provide their daily basic needs for nutrition, and as a role model to all NGOs in the region and the Middle East; and to revive the feelings of social bonding in our society, therefore gradually eliminating the gap between different social classes."

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