December 8, 2007

Watch out the Ceiling

This is a public announcement to all our lovely children to watch out the ceiling it might falls down on your head. So, stop watching your teacher and look at the ceiling it might falls down on your head too.

I was just making some calculations for how much a Child in the west will be compensate it from an accident like this one? Maybe a couple of 100 thousands of dollars plus media attention, sponsorships, etc.

So this way, who ever is responsible of this accident will make sure it never happen again.

Poor kid, hope he/she get better soon.

Read below:

Student sustains minor head injury from falling plaster

ZARQA (Petra) - A sixth grade public school student sustained a minor head injury when part of the ceiling plaster in the corridor fell on her. Director of the Zarqa Education Department Fawzi Jarrar said the girl was sent to Zarqa Public Hospital where she received the necessary medical assistance. Upon the directives of Education Minister Tayseer Nueimi, a technical committee was formed to look into the reasons behind the incident, Jarrar said, adding that the ministry will carry out the necessary maintenance work in the school. The director of the Zarqa Public Hospital said there was no evidence of any fractures, adding that the girl is in good condition and will remain under observation for 24 hours.

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