February 7, 2008

Another classroom Collapse

An advice to our students: "Instead of paying attension to your teacher you need to watch out the ceiling so it might collpase on your head."

This is the second time Amman Voice post a classroom ceiling collapse in Jordan. Many public schools need major renovations especially the rented old rusted buildings. A survey need to be made for the existing conditions of the public schools in Jordan and create a plan for renovating or evacuating those buildings.

Moreover, we need to create new codes for school building types and insure it's sustainability so our kids can get the best education in the best healthy environment.

Students evacuated after classroom roof collapse

MAFRAQ (Petra) - Authorities on Wednesday evacuated 250 students from the Abdullah Ben Rawaha Elementary School after the roof of one classroom partially collapsed. Ahmad Mathani, an education official in the governorate, said the evacuation decision was taken to ensure the safety of students. He said the rented building was old and maintenance work conducted on it did not address the problems entirely.

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