February 27, 2008

Rainbow street transformed

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Amman Voice said...

Jabal Amman is one of the most urban friendly pedestrian neighbourhood, however, our citizens don't walk. They still use their cars, this is cultural problem and GAM needs to understand that too.

Enrique Sanchez/Miami said...

The past two years I have taken my two-week vacation in Amman. Each time I ask to come back to Rainbow Street more and more. It reminds me of a famous street here in Miami Beach called Lincoln Road. More then 40 years ago the streets were closed down completely and the sidewalk eventually extended across the road. Now it has hundreds of fashionable restaurants and sidewalk restaurants, cafes, putside nargileh cafes, shops, bookstores, movies, gyms, the New World Symphony, and each weekend, when the weather is good, we have antique and bric-a-brac mini-festivals where you can browse for hours.

I envision the Rainbow district could grow into a fabulous meeting place like this which will exist day and night, which will attract young and old to a vibrant, progressive atmosphere in Amman.

I suppose the cobblestone streets do create a "issue" but who knows what could be done with that? Only the limits of creativity can stop something like what I described above to happen!