February 22, 2008

A "Polish" library in Anjara!

Is this a Jordanian Library or a Polish idiological one? Who will teach and What will they teach? What's the content of the books? Is it a neighbourhood library? A community Library? or a Latin library? Will the Anjarah residence speak polish now, or become Latin? Why don't the Polish minstry of exterior fund the ministry of education instead of funding an organization? and why saying: " the institution serves children of different faiths" instead of just saying serving the community? Do we have a plan for education and library distribution areas in Jordan?

AMMAN - (JT) Anjara children will now have a place to read and learn, under a
new pilot project initiated by the Polish government.

Under a programme
entitled “Maktabti,” or my library, a learning centre was established adjacent
to the Latin School in Anjara, which hosts 200 students between the ages of 6
and 16.

The new children’s library is financed by a $35,000 grant by the Polish ministry of foreign affairs and implemented by the Family International Community Services (FICS).

“We feel strongly that this programme will benefit schools and communities by providing books so that children can experience the excitement and benefits of learning through reading,” Polish Ambassador in Amman Andrzej Biera said at a press conference yesterday to announce the project.

Thousands of children’s books in both English and Arabic, including 2,500 of the latest titles from the Beirut Arab book fair, will adorn the library, which will also be open to the public.

The library’s computer centre will provide students with e-learning tools, through three computers equipped with Internet access and other multimedia learning programmes.

Father Hanna Keidani, headmaster of the Latin School, said the institution serves children of different faiths, stressing that the library will be for the wider community of the greater Ajloun area.

“Children are our future and it is important that we take care of our future,” Keidani noted.

FICS official Mark Thamm said Anjara was chosen as it was designated by the government as a poverty pocket and expressed hope that it will be the first of many such libraries in limited-income areas.

“Opening a book broadens a child’s horizons and allows them to accomplish their dreams. Every child in every region should be able to enjoy this,” Thamm told The Jordan Times.

FICS is a nonprofit organisation that offers counselling, material and practical assistance to orphanages, refugee camps, schools and hospitals.

Working in Jordan since 1993, FICS has worked on projects with organisations such as the Haya Cultural Centre, and Al Hussein Cancer Centre Society for the Physically Challenged.

The Anjara children’s library will be unveiled in a ceremony on Friday.

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Anonymous said...

It's a Jordanian library which was sponsored by the Polish ministry of foreign affairs. The Family International Community Services implemented the project by labeling, stamping, sorting and organizing the books that were donated for the library. The books are diverse. They include english teaching books, math books, scientific and educational books, and fictional and non-fictional stories. The books are in both english and arabic.
I think what they did is absolutely great! They offered the children of Anjara an opportunity to learn and widen their horizons. There isn't a single public library in the whole area nor in the cities near it. I know all this because I took part in this project and I honestly think it's wonderful.

Mohanned said...

Laitn is a sect of christianity in jordan, and ajloun has a large population of christians..

Secondly, why do we have to make everything a conspiracy?

It is something we should be grateful for, don't you think?

Amman Voice said...

Deemco - We need a national agenda for building libraries all over Jordan, in every neighbourhood and village.

The library is a place where we read, socialize, and build communities.

Mohannad - We need libraries more than anything else. But, yes we live in a conspiracy! We are living it and it's like a cancer in our country and the region.

Why the polish "government" support a Latin community and not the Jordanian community. Isn't this a direct interference in the Educational system in Jordan?

Why they say : "A library in Anjara" instead of: "A Latin Library in Amjara, teaching Latin religion!"

I recall: " Father Hanna Keidani, headmaster of the Latin School, said the institution serves children of different faiths, stressing that the library will be for the wider community of the greater Ajloun area."

Is it a conspiracy?

If Anjara needs a latin Library the government needs to do that.