February 25, 2008

Rainbow Street Completed

We were waiting for the Rainbow street and now it's been completed. I visited the street recently but honestly i didn't find alot of changes other than the annoying "street stone", some benches, light fixtures, and other things mentioned below. Whats really weired is creating a Rainbow sculpture, but using this name in English, branding, has a different meaning, maybe adding some rainbow flags all over the street and we can have something like London, San Francisco, or christopher street in NYC!

An ugly cladding for the cinema and something I wasn't pleased to hear about. My lovely school, Bishops School, being bought by some investors, I think AQARIYA or AQARKOM and will be closed to join it's sister school CMS! And nobody oppose it or even talk about it?

I will post about the topic for sure, but please share me any information that you know about this deal?

This whole Area of the rainbow street is full of Schools, calling some: Bishops School, CMS, Advantnest, Atfaal El-Ahliyah School, Darrar ibn Alazwar School (not sure about the name), and another two school i don't remember the names and the British Council. All are located in the Rainbow street. Now, after this decision about transforming the street into a shopping Strip, or actually a night clubs, coffee shops street and a hang out for some hippies, shouldn't we protect those schools from being lost? Or it's over?

How can you impose a development into a street and change it's character and use without being sensitive to the use and history of the whole area?

Before I blame the GAM, I do blame the residents of the area for allowing this to happen which shows that they are only after increasing the value of their properties. Why don't we develop a neighborhood by increasing the living urban standards of the residents and not by attracting an outside investors to buy and build more commercial properties, above our schools and priceless old houses?

And for those who might not know yet, the whole Jabal Amman is being bought by some investors? And downtown Amman too, which is now under studies for transformations and god knows whats gonna happen there?

More about Rainbow street you can find it Here

AMMAN (JT) - The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) on Sunday said it has completed renovation work on Rainbow Street in Jabal Amman.

Work on the JD2 million development project started in March last year, and was implemented in three phases.

The renovation is part of GAM’s plan to “rebuild old districts and preserve the city’s spirit”, according to Adel Rosan, the director of the works department at GAM.

The 1.4-kilometre street, featuring diverse architectural styles, represents the capital’s heritage.

As part of the project, GAM constructed a public park in addition to car parks, Rosan said.

“There are two parking plots; the first is situated halfway down the street with a capacity for 40 vehicles, while the second is near Rainbow Garden and can accommodate 20 cars,” he added.

A large outdoor screen has been installed near Rainbow Cinema hall, and seats are available for shoppers, he said.

The project also included renovation work on some traditional sites, like the wall of Arwa Bint Al Hareth School, Rosan added.

In addition, the street itself was paved with basalt tiles, sidewalks were widened and trees planted, while storefronts and billboards were redesigned.

Meanwhile, a pyramid-like structure reflecting the colours of the rainbow was constructed on an empty plot of land at the 1st Circle, Rosan said, adding that the street is now an attractive tourist destination within the capital.

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Anonymous said...

al-motran is a corner stone to amman identity for those who grew in. It would be such a loss if this was true!