February 24, 2008

GAM FM radio station HAWA

AMMAN (JT) - The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) on Saturday said it signed an agreement with the Audiovisual Commission to establish its “Hawa FM” radio station.

The new radio station, which will start pilot broadcasts in April, will air at 105.9 MHz on the FM frequency, according to the GAM press centre.

“It is important for GAM to have its own radio station,” Deputy Amman Mayor Amer Bashir said after signing the agreement with Audiovisual Commission Director General Hussein Bani Hani.

Hawa FM will focus on GAM projects across the capital and their effect on the local community, Bashir added.

The station will also air public service announcements to raise awareness, he said.

“GAM’s desire to establish a specialised radio station reflects an understanding of the need to maintain a dialogue with the local community and follow up on their concerns,” Bani Hani said.

The station’s studios and offices will be located in the Housing Bank building, according to the GAM press centre.

“The location is in the centre of Amman and one of the capital’s highest points, making it suitable for radio transmission,” the press centre said.

The station will air various types of programmes, including news and social pieces focusing on issues of public interest, the centre added.

One of the main features of the station will be a live talk show focusing on the problems and difficulties facing the capital’s residents.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This action/news piece is sad/funny in a few ways.

1. Hawa - is this really the brand name? It has so many useless, fluffy, derogatory meanings. Sounds like a joke.

2. GAM wants to run a radio station to communicate/connect with the people?? Seriously!! GAM can barely get its current communication with the people right, now they have one more channel to worry about - and get wrong and spend time and resources explaining it otherwise.

3. Unless they can compete with other stations and make Hawa financially sustainable, this is yet another project that will drain some budget.

4. Why not collaborate with the existing stations and create a specialized GAM show that serves their objectives. Surely it's wiser, easier to manage, cost effective, and allows GAM to focus on it's core responsibilities of making this a better livable city with a soul rather than running a radio station.

This is hilarious!