February 5, 2008

Education and Economy in Jordan reform

According to a report released yesterday by the World Bank, Jordan is ranked on the top of the MENA region(Middle East North Africa)in educational reforms. However, we will see development in our countries if we invest more in Education and provide people with the necessary skills to be competitive.

Part of the problem we face is the the wrong mix of competencies produced by our education systems. Our Human Capital need to be allocated properly to compete at the international labour market.

In a keynote address, World Bank senior vice president for external affairs, Marwan Muasher, said:
“The quality of education in the region has not kept up with the needs of the economy; education systems do not support adequately the development by girls and boys of analytical skills, problem solving skills, critical thinking and innovation. It is time to pay greater attention to these skills to reach, if not exceed, the level of attention given to illiteracy and school enrolment.”

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