February 15, 2008

New Schools to be built in Jordan next year

If building a school in Jordan cost about 1 million JD and in an earlier post it was mentioned that the new Twin Towers in Abdoun cost about 300 million JD, then we could have build 300 Schools in Jordan to teach 300,000 students?
This is a quick comparative advantage for the lost scarase resources we are using in the development of our economy. Do I prefer education over stones? I say YES. Do I look into development from other perspective than what's been planning for. YES. We need to look at the development from the BOTTOM UP, and not from the TOP DOWN. As an example, Schools will bring towers, will Towers bring Schools?

AMMAN (Petra) - Minister of Education Tayseer Nueimi said on Thursday the ministry will float tenders for establishment of 42 new schools across the Kingdom this year in an effort to provide students with a better educational environment. Nueimi made his remarks yesterday during the inauguration of three new schools in Amman which were established at a cost of JD2.5 million. The minister added that the ministry established 38 new schools this year. Nueimi said the three new schools, established according to international standards and equipped with advanced laboratories, will receive around 3,000 students.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you, but private investors are building the towers in Amman, and not the government.

Amman Voice said...

Thats true, because the government are attracting the private investments to build towers and not schools, or communities. look at the new Amman master plan, they call it " Towers development Plan".

Anonymous said...

Will party wat ur saying is true...but if u look at it this way...towers = investment = 300 million dollars = goes to the general public in jordan from workers to suppliers to other companies = more money with people = better changes to get better education for their children = better standards of living and so on...pls if im wrong tell me!

Anonymous said...


Amman Voice said...
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Amman Voice said...

Not sure how the money will go to general public. The foreign investors will get from our public more than what they invested! The design, consruction, workers, materials are all from outside.
Jordanians will buy those buildings from the Foregin investors!!!

I will reverse your words:
300 million dollars = 300 Schools = 300,000 Students = Education = Development = Investment = Towers?

Again: It's looking at development from the Bottom Up and not Top down.

Anonymous said...

True thats another prespective u have there...but im gonna have to disagree with u about the material/workers/engineers being from outside jordan...Actually its all from jordan within...I am pretty much sure...just check how many companies/people where involved in one project that actually is the only one that is in a better stage now...Jordan Gate!! Its not only that...after the towers are done...people will be needed to work there (Jobs) are created...I think that it still is possible to acheive a higher standard of living over the years...using this way...i mean ofcourse the government should take into consideration trying to improve health car/ education/ maybe parks/ public transport but its the governments role to also get and make an attractive offer to investors in invest in jordan...creating at least some kind of well fare to the jordanians.

Amman Voice said...

The development scheme is fundamental. We are learning alot from these projects, and they will of course bring some value to the city. However, I am making a comparison of different opportunities. Do we wanna invest in people Education, building Communities, manufacturing, and Techcnology Or in attracting some investors to build some towers to fit some functions like a hotel, office, or a retail?

When you build a project you need a program? Do we have a program? We are building those buildings ... for what function?

If we wanna be a manufacturing country...we build Factories. if we wanna be in technology ... we build Servers. If we wanna be in Agriculture ... we build farms. We are now building " just buildings" ... for WHAT?

I see only: retails, Restaurants, and hotels??? Thats a consumer market, and it's dangerous.

Please read these post: http://ammanvoice.blogspot.com/2008/01/limit-chain-stores.html
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